Analyzing Pictures (Week 1)

coffee-shopThis blog post will be entirely of the 6 pictures we analyzed in class. I want to first say thoughts on the first two paintings, which were the American People Series. Both of them seem almost like the same painting just in different settings or stories. The first is the cocktail party and the second is kind of confusing to understand what is going on. But each portrays people being in the presence of many others. At first sight they both seem to give off a dark mood. I know the first one is supposed to be a lighter mood since it is a party, but every character in the picture have very deep circles under their eyes and just look extremely bored to be where they are. That’s just my opinion, that everyone is bored and believe they have much better things they could be doing. I do like that the pictures seem to suggest blacks and whites getting along and being content in each other’s presence. Although bored, everyone is content and there is no evidence of hostility or negativity, so I see this as a message of granting African Americans the right to go about their lives as conveniently as white Americans. For the third and fourth paintings, I had just about the same reaction as everyone else in the class. I am an artist but not a professional, so I couldn’t really contribute to many of the art conversations except talking about the brightest and darkest of colours. I can agree, the fourth one is a mess. The fifth photo of the man passed out by the “Drink Coca-Cola” sign is pretty obvious. He made some poor decisions early and is passed out from to much alcohol. Whoever took the photo is wanting to send a message to drinkers that there are better things to enjoy than alcohol, such as soda pop. Being an anti-alcoholic I like the message that I receive, it is quite a bit humiliating to whoever is the man in this picture. The last picture I could say quite a bit about. In my creative writing class my senior year of high school, we were doing four-lined descriptions of different parts of pictures. This pretty much meant we would take a picture and describe it in four sentences, zoom in on one part and write another four sentences, and zoom in again and repeat. This picture, according to my high school English teacher, depicts a mother and her three children after having just fled their home country to the United States. They are dirty and have very ragged clothing, each of them looks tired and exhausted. This is during the late Depression era, so they have moved over at a very difficult time. It is clear she is struggling to keep her and her children healthy and safe from whatever they ran from, but her face says she is damn well determined to make it in their new life, carrying all of her family with her.

{Originally Posted from 1st blog: January 25th, 2017; Contained 2 Thoughts: “

I thought the class when we analyzed pictures was such a great learning experience. I never really knew how to correctly analyze a piece of art, but now that I know, it is so much more enjoyable to view pieces. –zrm895″.

This was definitely one of the more memorable classes to me. It was interesting to go into such depth on paintings that I originally saw nothing in.-ianleverblog”;

Post is copy pasted, left untouched in the transference between blogs}



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