In Case You Noticed I Was Missing…


Just a short thing. In the past month I stopped going to most classes. English is one of the ones I abandoned altogether. I watched or read my other classes online (Math, Psych, History). I still had to physically go to band, which was at least easy to do.

About a month ago now, one of my friends committed suicide. I honestly don’t think it’s a surprise I went into isolation and emotionally instability. I’ve lost a lot of energy too. I went from getting an average of 5 hours of sleep a night to an average of 13 hours a day. Even still everything exhausts me immensely. Yea I kinda did give up on some things. I still got the notes in all my note classes, I went to all my exams and band practices, I just didn’t put full effort into my work, if I put any effort into most things at all. I know my grades may not be straight A anymore but I’m at least at passing status for most classes. At least I think I am. I’ve been spending a lot more time with my counselor too. I’m finally talking to more people about what happened, though only over technology.

So, yeah. I’m back, kinda, I’m trying to redeem what I can redeem in this last week. So, yeah. I’m survivin’.

{Originally Posted from 1st blog: May 7th, 2017; Contained 5 Thoughts:

“I am sorry to hear. Even though we do not know each other, I am always willing to lend and ear. Over the past year, I have experienced the loss of many that were close to me, and it is always saddening to see someone that you have known for a long time go.”-mjrobertson314159;

I’ve never experienced loosing a friend, but have many friends attempt. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’m proud of you for going to see a counselor. Grief affects people differently, it’s impressive that you are keeping up with classes to the extent that you are.”-english1000site; 

“I am so sorry to hear that. I’m sure you get that a lot and a “sorry” isn’t going to fix anything or necessarily help, but I want you to know that I mean that and that things will get better. Suicide is a very hard subject as it has affected many of us whether it be someone we know in our community, or in your case a close friend. I have heard stories from multiple friends saying that at times in their lives they have tried to. It really makes me sad and I have the chills right now writing/ thinking about this topic. No one should ever feel that they have to kill themselves and people are mean; it sucks. If you ever need anything, there are so many people to reach out to, so seriously just ask if you ever need anything.”-Ellllbo;

I’m so sorry for you! I’ve never had to experience this personally, but I do know that each person deals with death in different ways, so I think it is good that you understood that this is just the way that your body and mind decided to deal with it. I’m glad that you are visiting the counselor and making a strong comeback/effort in your classes though! Good Luck!!”-maddieenright; 

“I am very sorry you lost your friend and now have gone through all of this. I can imagine what you were and are going through. I didnt know you very well, but by the sound of your posts you seem like a very nice and genuine guy, i wish the best for you!”-Breanna Pottebaum

Post is copy pasted, left untouched in the transference between blogs}


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