Keeping to the Small Promises

I said this past semester that I would keep up with this blog. I didn’t. I then lost my computer to a repair shop for nearly a month. Now that I’m back and have a computer that is working many times better than before, I wanna do something with this. My summer was not what I wanted it to be. The basic summary: I had an over full time job, I did actually accomplish some progress on art projects, some family relations were repaired, some were tested, some were worsened, but we all survived, my mental health was addressed a bit, my weight and other physical issues were studied further, and I did some studying and meditation on my life from a much more opened viewpoint. I have made the decision this year to switch my major to undeclared and I am dedicating my entire sophomore year to take a selection of classes to decide what I want to do. I also finally figured out the dream I’ve been trying to decipher. It sounds a bit wild, but I dream of being a multiscientist and a multiartist. I want my life to revolve around Science and Art. With help from my mental health counselor and my career counseling advisor, I narrowed my top 3 passions to Space, Animals, and Art. I want to know more about space, but I also want to dedicate a part of my life to animal care and rescue, and I also want to pursue my creativity and imagination in the form of colours, music, fiction writing, and acting/theatre. One option I have considered is majoring in Physics w/ Astronomy and minoring in animal science and art, or majoring in Animal Science and minor in Astronomy and art, or double major in Astronomy and Animal Science and minor in art (art is mostly easy but I still have classes I want to take therefore an art major is not a realistic option for me a minor is more what I need). I now know what it is I desire in my heart and mind, now I just need a realistic option. Finances has been an issue for me, I will write about that sudden issue discovered this summer as it is a bit of a long story, but staying in the University of Missouri is now a struggle since payments have become difficult to make lately. But with the possible options in mind, I have already planned my classes for next semester and I have already looked at career and future opportunities for myself. So as for the title of this blog, I mean a few things. One, I will be keeping up with this blog more now, and two, I will be keeping up with the things I’ve learned last year and this summer, anxiety and stress management, mood monitoring, weight watching, etc. This is basically my welcome back blog. I want to post at least one blog a week. It’s a good feeling to be back and typing about these things I don’t usually confess to people around me in real life and making use of this site I created.

{Originally Posted from 1st blog: October 12th, 2017; Post is copy pasted, left untouched in the transference between blogs}



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