A New Life

With all the changes that have bee forced upon me in just the past two years alone, there’s one concept that I can control and have decided to control: Spiritual Life. I sit here now, a 20 year old, wondering why I didn’t realise earlier that I didn’t have to follow my parents’ religion if it wasn’t right for me. With that being said, I’ve adopted a form of lifestyle practiced by a very few, yet criticized as controversial for much of the world. I can’t abandon my Christian roots, no matter how hard I try. Even when I was still facing backlash for coming out as a Lesbian, even with so many people telling me gay people can’t be Christians, my faith never fully deterred. I do not follow Catholic customs anymore as much as my father and stepmother want me to, I am a nondenominational Christian, I still believe in the one God Almighty, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. That belief can’t be broken.

What has made people question me even more is that I have now adopted a Wicca lifestyle. I know this is a confusing concept for many people, including myself. Wicca is a form of Paganism, and Wicca is a tradition of Witchcraft. These are several things that contradict the Holy Bible. I have never said I don’t care about the Bible on those verses, it’s just that I want a new way of living that gives me a very fulfilling life every day. I believe in no other God and will not worship any Pagan figures, I simply want to study and become a Light occultist.

I have been unknowingly following a Wicca lifestyle for a lot of my life. I became an official paranormal investigator on my 13th birthday. I often go visit cemeteries just to “Hang Out” and give and receive company with the dead, and I still do it as a set weekly chore today. I find love and peace in nature and outdoors. This love and peace is also found in darkness and moonlight. I have had a fascination with crystals and sage and incense for years now.  My favorite style in my teenage years and today is anything dark, specifically Goth, this can be found in clothing, makeup, even the way I decorate things now, like my room in my first own apartment. I’m aware that people around me have heavily questioned and silently judged these traits and hobbies, I sure have. But only recently did I figure out that these things were very significant in another lifestyle. I have been living this lifestyle for years now, completely without knowing. I did once believe witches and pagans were “Evil,” as many churches say. Now that I’ve realised what it actually is, I happily embrace most of the lifestyle. I am not a full Pagan, not a full Witch or Wicca, but also not a full Christian.

What actually makes someone a good Christian? What makes someone a good Wicca? These are obviously debatable. A real question is why do religions hate other religions and call them “Evil”? I have started to become aware of the hatred that Christian people show to anyone non Christian, the hatred those people show to Christians. It seems like Faith has been lost in a lot of people because everyone is more interested in fighting each other. I had to put myself in the shoes of someone that is just not religious to understand something important: Religion is not a world wide thing. There are hundreds of religions in this world, and the biggest ones are always fighting each other hourly. There is evidence that could prove every religion absolutely true, and there is evidence that can prove every religion fake. Some church people preach that non-Christians are absolutely horrible, plagued in sin, and are miserable. I’ve heard some religious people say we need to convert the world to Christianity “before it’s too late.” However, there are people that don’t care. There are people that worship their God of choice and are fine knowing not everyone around them does the same. I’ve discovered and joined several communities of Pagans and Witches and Wicca, and one thing I’ve discovered is that many of these people just don’t seem to care about any other religion. No one cares about their Christian or Muslim or Atheist neighbor, everyone seems so capable of just ignoring the people around them and focusing on their practice. Some have expressed a disliking of some religions, especially Christianity, but I admire how it’s a topic that is rarely discussed. This is something I have tried to force myself to learn for a while: Everyone lives a different life with different opinions, I may not like how someone is living, but it’s not my place to judge them. It is also no one’s place to judge me. We should simply be living a life of not caring what happens in the house next to us, the room below us, or the building over, but we should be focusing on our own lives.

I preach about all of this, not caring how other’s live, but I still enjoy talking about my life. That’s one of the points of this blog. I know some people are genuinely interested in my daily routine and spiritual practices. I have been asking people about their lives so I can understand their practice and spiritual life. I did not become a Wicca, I simply woke up and realised I have been one for about seven years and completely oblivious to it. I am not a fake Christian or still trying to make my parents happy, I simply can not just abandon the religion I’ve spent my entire life so far on. So yes, I am a Christian Witch.

I’ve never run a blog, but I really want to. Please bare with me as I move from simply ranting or bragging about life to actual informative posts. I love feedback and comments and constructive positive criticism. Or even just conversation.

Have a blessed and beautiful day everyone.



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