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Ghost Adventures Now

In my last post I had mentioned how Ghost Adventures changed my life. However, there is something different about that show. In all honesty, the show is nothing like it was when I first discovered it. It’s in the middle of its 16th season and has made a drastic change from the brand new season 3 I found. It does represent my life as well in a way.

In the beginning, it seemed these guys were looking for just ghosts and lost spirits, and they got terrified if the word “Demon” was thrown around. Now, it seems the darkness and demonic activity is all they look for now. Every episode is genuinely terrifying and there is majorly talks of demonic activity and bad spirits and darkness. I saw a comment about this made on another blog post, about how the show seems to only be about demon hunting now these days, and upon seeing that I decided to binge the 13th-present episode of the 16th, the seasons I had yet to see. It was all decently accurate, the majority of the episodes today mention demonic activity and bad spirits the entire time with barely any mention of innocent spirits at all. Every time there is a mention of a “Little Kid”, it is always followed by a comment about how demonic forces disguise themselves as something innocent. It seems that now the crew is purposely only looking for places full of demonic energy, places that have had Ouija boards used to summon something, places that have been made famous because of demonic and Satanist activity, even places that are ACTIVE satanic worship sights as I type this. Every lockdown involves a full 30 minutes of calling out demons and bad spirits and watching the crew insult and taunt and provoke these evil spirits, and then complaining that it’s too dark or that something bad has attached to them and being regretful in their actions. This is not every episode, and yes I did read a biased article before doing this little study, but it is very obvious that the crew is very much more interested in demonic activity much more than they used to be. The first investigation, the documentary in 2004 with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin, investigated two places that were haunted by a few typical distressed ghosts, but did have reports and evidence of spirits that seek to harm the living. No one was directly attacked, but the brick and boards were thrown, some threatening EVPs were caught, and Zak and Nick were overwhelmed with negative feelings at least once at the Goldfield Hotel and the Washoe Club. The first episode of the actual show Ghost Adventures was at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, a heavily demonic location. The guys’s evidence and reactions were of fear many times and they left feeling negative and even being affected terribly. They even mention several times later that this one place left such a scar on their lives. But the episodes later, demonic activity was rarely mentioned. The guys were more focused on communicating with people that tragically died too early, and attacked spirits that harmed the living as simply “Mean Spirits.” Even when Demons were mentioned, it was taken very seriously. There was so much charisma and so much sadness felt in earlier episodes. In recent episodes, it’s very dark, very depressing, and angering. Like mentioned, nearly every episode makes it a point that Demon is somehow associated with each location, and it’s as it that’s all they look for, the demons.

It is also worth mentioning Nick Groff’s departure. Groff left during the 10th season. There are several rumors and some confirmed facts. The official reason is that he left because he had a new show and could not do both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Stalkers, his new show that he joined, so he chose Stalkers. Stalkers did unfortunately fall through, but a few years later he would start Paranormal Lockdown, being much better than Stalkers. Along with Groff’s departure, he would release one book and would soon make and release songs. He has two albums out now which can be found on many popular stations and sales sites, such as Spotify and Amazon. There are rumors of other reasons behind Groff leaving. The most common “Rumor” I have seen was that with the show getting darker very fast, he was becoming concerned about his family. Another rumor is that there was a falling through between him and Bagans about how to run the show, including the fact of looking at the darker side of the paranormal more than before, and the methods of gathering and presenting evidence. Another thing that was sort of confirmed by Zak Bagans’ twitter is that Groff’s use of Ghost Adventures to advertise himself was wrong. Bagans posted several angered tweets insulting people that use a job they got fired from to promote themselves or their new job. This is not entirely confirmed because no names were mentioned, but this was almost immediately after Groff’s departure and appearing on his new show, in which he was introduced as “Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures.” All evidence says Bagans’ tweets were referring to Groff.

Whatever the reasons for this separation, it’s obvious that two different paths have been created. I’ve already explained what Ghost Adventures has become, but what about Paranormal Lockdown? Paranormal Lockdown has far less popularity than Ghost Adventures. I believe the main reason is that Paranormal Lockdown is very casual, laid back, not as thrilling, not as dangerous for the stars. Nick Groff and his fellow star and paranormal investigator Katrina Weidman spend 72 hours straight in haunted locations, actually sleeping in these locations and reviewing their evidence on the spot and doing simple and casual communication. They use no provoking or taunting at all, just casual communication. The episodes are slow, not as exciting or thrilling or scary as Ghost Adventures. The crew even tackles demonic activity lighter than Ghost Adventures. I have seen reviews. The majority Ghost Adventures fans have expressed that they love and miss Groff being a member of the original crew, but have expressed that they can not get into Paranormal Lockdown, for it’s too boring and doesn’t hold their attention. I also confess I can not get into Paranormal Lockdown as much as Ghost Adventures. Being a Paranormal Investigator myself, I still watch it for evidence and tips and methods on my part time hobby. I also watch it to see Nick more. It’s obvious, Zak wants more action and danger, Nick wants more casualness and peace. Neither method is wrong.

Ghost Adventures is still my favorite of the two. But it does have me wondering about everything coming with it. There’s always been darkness and evil in this world. Whether you look at it physically or metaphorically, whether you look at the things happening in the world today, actual demons and negative spirits, or both, it’s all always been present, but Ghost Adventures seems to have become more aware of the spiritual darkness and evil recently. The show is being heavily criticised for its over abundance in demon hunting and danger and focusing on darkness more than anything, but it is very prevalent in this world, very much exists, everywhere, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Whether you want to look at it or not.

May positivity be yours- EmmiR



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