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At Season’s End

It’s that time of year for a season to change. The Spring Equinox just passed a week ago and the season has already shifted. For me, it’s finally warming up outside and instead of being pounded by snow, we’re being pounded by rain. Hibernation is ending and soon animals in the south will be back. Winter is a season that usually means dead and lifeless. Winter is not all that bad, the snow always looks pretty and the ice looks cool on the trees, never on the roads, but the trees and sides of houses. Spring is when everything that died through the winter revives back into greenness and life. Wild animals will be bringing baby lives onto the planet like crazy. Spring is also a great time for spiritual revival. Many of my spirit blogs and pages that I follow have been talking about these things all week, revival, warming up, new life, new spirit, refresh, so on and so forth about new or reviving.

As the winter ends and the area is changing to spring I’ll give my spiritual life a look over. Mentally I’ve fallen, maybe it is because of seasonal depression or just a dying aroma around me all winter, but this winter was a season of just making it. Just like many others I’m using the spring equinox as a fresh starting point and striving to actually work on my mental life and not just accept where it is. A small change of mind and a big change of weather can really alter a mood.

Happy Spring Equinox and have a better day than your last!



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