I’m wiping the page clean, starting everything over. This is a new year and a new era of a new character.

If you’ve found this page, welcome! This is the 1st post of the brand new version of this website.

You can call me Raven. I’m 21 years old, Gender-fluid shifting much more to the masculine side. I accept all pronouns, especially They/Them and He/Him. I used to be a college student but a financial crash has forced me to take a few year break. I work as an overnight stock at the 2nd nearest Walmart, yes the most exciting thing to say about myself, but this tells you about my Night Owl trait. I sleep the majority of sun up hours and do most of my living in the dark under the moon. I am not Superman, the Moon gives me my energy instead of the sun. I am a Christian Witch. While the God is my God and Jesus is my saviour, I uphold some Paganistic actions, such as using crystal and moonlight healing, burning spiritual incense, interacting with the dead and paranormal, etc.

This is my spiritual and emotional health website. While I still majorly struggle with my own spiritual and mental health I hope that this can help me and others. Expect anything from meditation experiences to paranormal investigation notes to LGBTQ and other minority issues to random things about songs and music. I will also happily talk about the best of the worst of late night customers in Walmart

That’s all for today, I hope 2020 marks the beginning of something wonderful for all.


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