You’re Allowed to Change Places

One year ago today I was hired as a cashier for Walmart. Uneventful really, but it was a job that paid at least decent. I’m still at the same location, I’m just not a cashier anymore. On Sunday September 29th of this past year I had my first shift as an overnight stock. I’d been considering it for a while, the opportunity was presented almost 3 months earlier, offered by one of the night managers. On a bad day when a lot of his people called in and there was a hefty amount of freight he was begging cashiers to help and earn overtime. I said I would stay a couple hours, but I didn’t really expect to enjoy the peace and quiet and slicing into boxes and placing stuff nice and neatly on shelves; I actually stayed until six am and left before the sun could fully rise. That same guy kept informing me the position is always open and he always needs night workers and after three weeks of thinking and figuring out all the pros and cons, I said I’m ready to switch. And then had about 6 weeks before they could actually switch me due to needing more cashiers and needing to let the schedules adjust.

My pros really did outweigh the cons and this has proven to be such a wonderful decision to myself. My naturally nocturnal mind has thanked me and so has my sanity. Dealing with customers non stop in the heat of a day rush got to me; not every customer is bad, but the awful ones make me forget about all the good ones. The moody, the entitled, and the downright unhappy with the entire store was too much to handle. It only takes one customer to ruin your mood and make your customer service smile even more fake. The nights still see a fair share of customers, but it’s hard to find the aforementioned types of people. The only people you have to deal with at night is those that have smoked or drank, the occasional homeless person, and those that try to steal little petty things, and even still its not a ton of people. I get more physical and mental activity in this position, moving pallets and carrying boxes, placing items neatly and evenly on their exact specific spots on the shelves, inventory labeling the overstock, getting able to zone properly when there’s not 20 people grabbing items around you, and whatever else is easier to do for the store at night.

My mental health has greatly improved since this switch. Walmart is not the most positive place to work, but this position at least doesn’t make me super sad or angry to wake up to every day. My crew is awesome, the nights are quiet, the works keeps you busy, I don’t want to be here forever but this place will do me good for a few years or so. My job was causing me mental distress, and probably physical distress since I typical stood in the same place for 8 hours a day. It was damaging and I saw a new opportunity so I fixed it. I was told by some online sources that staying in the same job you don’t enjoy for too long can be very damaging. In this day and age the dream job on most people’s minds is near impossible to get without holding a job during the process of getting there. Even if you make it soon, if you’re in a job you can’t enjoy and is hurting, find another one and leave once you have your backup ready.

One of my best decisions was changing positions, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering in their current workplace or position. It’s a tough day in age in a lot of places but make the time to search and try out new jobs. Even if it means having to do something new.

May everyone eventually find the job, career, or paid hobby that satisfies you


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