A Gender Non-Conforming God

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God, he created them; male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27 is a famous verse, yet controversial. We, as human beings, are created in the image of God. However, this verse says male and female, which many people try to use to dehumanize transgender individuals further. This verse also says male and female, yet God is always referred to as He, so how are females accurately His image?

The church I began going to, the very inclusive church, uses a mix of masculine, feminine, and neutral pronouns for God. I learned that in some places, God is often seen as an embodiment of all genders or no gender. Is God genuinely male, or is God just referred to as He because of the period the Bible was written? The time the Bible was written was a time when women were barely given any rights and seen more as the property of men. This was also a time full of more accepted slavery of different types of people. The most widely accepted image of Jesus was a young white man, so it was assumed, and soon imaged, that God is an older white man. If God made humans in His image, why are there numerous skin colours, multiple gender identities, and various human characteristics in general? If humanity is genuinely a representation of God, then God cannot be imagined because They should represent every human.

I’ve given up on visualising God; They simply can’t be seen because They are a variety of all of Their children. I’ve begun the practice of using neutral pronouns for God. Male and female is what was at the beginning to start human production. Now that humanity is well reproducing, it makes sense that God is allowing a variety of gender and sexual identities to exist. No human is the same in appearance or personality, so why is God one thing? Every culture that follows Christianity see God in a way that matches their culture, why would God choose to look like only one culture? If transgender people exist and cannot change their ways, doesn’t that mean God has essentially forced other people to be different genders? Some people argue that God is also a straight man, but how does that explain females and people with different orientations? The answer is simply that God is representative of everyone and takes no one form. God would not have made such a mixed image of themself.

Everyone is free to make their own image of God, and that’s the best part of having a God that is just that: All. When someone bows to ask a prayer of God, they should be able to see whatever they feel like God represents to them, even assign the pronouns they feel fit God the most. So may the God of your image bless you


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