A Walk With The Dead

Being near the dead is comforting. By this, I mean in being in cemeteries. I investigate the passed as a hobby, with the scientific process and tools. However, sometimes I just like to experience the energy from the dead.

It is believed that spirits give off or circulate electromagnetic energy. This is why you will hear investigators talk about everything electromagnetic, from the EMF fields to EMF detectors. Some people can feel the energy, but not everyone knows that. I know I can feel that energy. I can tell when a place is haunted by stepping near the property, and I can determine how strong it is. I had to learn it over time, of course. In the present day, I feel like I am attracted to this energy, maybe even addicted, or perhaps it’s just calming. All I know is when I go for a while without being in a spiritual presence, I get more anxious than I usually am and miss the feeling, whether it’s a hunt or just being in a haunted location. I also feel immensely better emotionally after spending time in this energy.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a cemetery with no equipment, no asking questions, no looking for activity. Over the past weekend, I went to wander the road and only meditate. It’s now been decided that I will do at least one cemetery walk for at least 20 minutes every week during the Lenten season, and hopefully continue after Easter. No matter how tired I am or how busy I feel, I have to sacrifice at least 20 minutes every week. I hope that doing this will help bring me to the spiritual stability I’ve been wanting to find.

I know there is probably a hidden stigma to meditating in cemeteries. Cemeteries are typically seen as Halloween attractions and uncomfortable places. I’ve come to not care. These are peaceful places and full of spiritual energy and should absolutely be used more by Pagans and the Spiritually Inclined. Anyone that wants that connection to the other side could easily be overwhelmed at the right cemetery. They can even be the best place to temporarily detach from the physical world in prayer or worship to the God of choice.

We’ll see how well I keep up with my commitment to my weekly task. I also encourage anyone to give meditation in a new place a try. I recommend cemeteries, but not everyone still feels comfortable in them. Find your own site and make use of it. The right location can give you perfect peace in the state of our current world.

Spiritual Blessings your way

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