Let me start out by saying that this is absolutely the last thing I want to be writing right now. Unfortunately, it’s now at the point of national and global emergency, so I may as well say something here.

This Coronavirus is triggering fear and anxiety into nearly every human on this planet. There is no blame there; it’s a new virus that no one knows very much about and is spreading faster than it can be understood. Entire states, providences, and countries are ordering people to become wholly quarantined to avoid spread. Cleaning and sanitizing is now a top priority everywhere, residence and business locations. There are thousands of confirmed cases and a few thousand deaths so far.

There are also several thousand confirmed recoveries and positive reports of progress towards a cure. I think it’s important to acknowledge that this will probably get much worse before it gets better. Still, it will not wipe out humanity like many seem to be believing. This is a difficult time, but it does not have to be the worst time. People are overcoming it daily, and the world has taken many proper steps for slowing the spread so that not everyone will get it.

I won’t spend time on this; everyone sees it on the news enough already. I want everyone to find some peace from this, whether it be skyping with your distant family or finding a good place in your home to meditate. Go out to the nearest woods or cemetery and prayer or contemplative walk. Anything to bring peace that is not breaking the social distancing rules or self-destructive. It is good to have a bit of concern, but dangerous to panic full time. Should anyone get it, or anyone you know, may the recovery be quick and easy.

Blessed be and please stay safe- Raven

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