Happy Spring Equinox! Also known as Ostara for Wiccans. This year’s spring equinox is celebrated in isolation for many due to the ongoing pandemic. Let us not grant this pandemic the ability to take away all light feelings.

The Spring equinox is two days out of the year when the day and night are the same lengths, with the light increasing in the following days. It is the midpoint between Imbolc and Beltane. Spiritually, these two days represent a balance being returned to light and dark. The winter is a trying time, with more darkness than light, and the Spring Equinox is meant to be the beginning of the reverse of winter. Winter is a time of cold and less daylight, less vegetation and living nature, and, for many, seasonal depression. It is around these days when people start to lose their seasonal depression due to more extended periods of daylight, the rise of temperatures, and the return of nature and animals.

Ostara is the Spring Goddess that oversees this time of change on the Earth, including an increase in fertility and budding plants. Many Pagans and Wiccans dedicate these days to worship Ostara and bless the oncoming Spring. As a Christian, Easter is a similar holiday around the same time when Jesus is resurrected from the dead. It’s sort of similar, Jesus and nature being resurrected from a cold yet temporary death. Whoever you believe in, you can use this time to do something similar. For me, it’s realising sort of my spirit and passions for general things has kind of died; art and fictional writing, video games and reading, many things once fun and relaxing I’ve found myself doing significantly less over the years. This season, I will take the time to revive the things that are fun to me and spend just a bit more time in something that is not one of my many jobs or looking for other ways to pay off debt or get back to school. I need to revive my love of enjoying a story or creating a new story.

Whether it’s reviving a part of your life that seems to have died or birthing something new that you’ve wanted to do forever, revive something this spring. As long as it’s not in a huge group of people, that is. Use the time inside to make or remake anything you need to.

Something anyone can do tonight: A group of witches I know have decided that today, Saturday the 21st, the last day of the Equinox, is the day to light a white candle for peace, healing, protection, and leadership. Many witches around the world are doing this but anyone can participate. This is a Cone of Power and it is the belief that when many voices call out to the universe, it hears. For all happening on the planet today, we may need some universal healing. Light a white candle at 10pm tonight in your time zone. Your beliefs don’t hinder your ability to participate, many people from many religions will be joining this universal healing.

Blessed Be and Blessed Revival- Raven

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