Music Monday, Old

“Ascension” by Dynazty

This is a fun little activity I like to do, a lot just in my head for no reason. I take a song that I can’t get enough of, and I analyse the lyrics and give my interpretation, thoughts, and simple rambles. For the first analysis, I will do the song I used during my Ostara ritual, Ascension, a song by the power metal band Dynazty. I recommend listening to the song at least once, you can hear it easily on youtube.

Part 1

“A rite of passage through fire
I will walk upon the pyre
With a strengthened desire
I ascend ever higher.
Take me one step closer now
Bring me to the firing line
Shatter the still and break the silence now
Ascend, commend me ’til I crash
And burn with dishonor
It only makes me stronger
I cannot wait any longer
Build me up so I can holler.”

After a few moments of the guitar and the orchestra, we get the first section of the song. I immediately know this is a potentially inspirational song, a quick build-up of self-power and confidence. “Take me one step closer now, bring me to the firing line,” this is a perfect start of any pep talk that begins with getting up, whether getting off the chair or the floor. It’s getting up and getting ready to start, whatever it is that needs to be started. Right before that, talking about walking upon the pyre, I actually had to google what that meant. A pyre is a heap of combustible material and is often used to burn corpses for a funeral. It’s quite interesting to make it seem like the rite of passage is through a funeral fire, almost like having to die before ascending. I like to think of the beginning of a phoenix erupting.

The next part is the chorus, but the chorus is the best part, so that will be saved for last. We’ll just jump into the next verse.

“I have been frozen still at the crossroad
Let me step on into the unknown
I want to chase the ends of the rainbow
To blaze the trail for me to follow
How could I surrender here
I will not succumb to fear
Shatter the shackles that have tied me down
Elevate me until I fall face first down to the ground
I will rise a prisoner unbound
To see this new world I have just found
Raise me up and I’ll steal the crown.”

Immediately, an issue that many struggle with:
Coming to the crossroad and not going forward in fear of the unknown. We just need to step into the unknown. I love the section after, “How could I surrender here, I will not succumb to fear, Shatter the shackles that have tied me down.” When I hear this, I think of Psalm 107 verses 13-14, “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and They saved them from their distress. They brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains.” After that, it says, “Until I fall face first down to the ground, I will rise a prisoner unbound.” This is directly following the line about the shackles. It adds the lesson of sometimes having to fall down to properly rise up. Very rarely in life does success come without some falls. The final line before the chorus again is quite impressive. “To see this new world I have just found
Raise me up and I’ll steal the crown.” So after the moment of breaking the chains and rising up after falling to the ground, you have this moment of a new world. No one is quite the same after they fall or achieve success or have an awakening. I see this line as realising that you’ve escaped from someplace you shouldn’t have been in, hence the breaking of the shackles and rising up a freed prisoner. When you enter into the new world as your unique self, take the crown and own your new place.

The chorus is played three times in this song. Let me just talk about the beauty of the song for a moment. You have your typical lyric placement, Verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, and the final chorus following some music and lyrical silence. The music in this song is unreal. You can very clearly hear the instruments of a metal band, but behind the guitars and the drum set is a raging orchestra. In the first few seconds of the song, this orchestra makes itself very obvious with an energetic violin and choir dominated introduction. The music continues through the verses and choruses but with more guitar. The section with no lyrics after the second chorus is about a minute of pure awe. I sometimes have to close my eyes during this moment. The lovely guitars get their moment to shine and give their all in this bridge, followed by an extremely intense moment where the orchestral instruments dominate the sound. There’s quickly a moment of orchestra and guitar before the final chorus. This is a type of music I live for. Now, for the chorus.

“Show me to where my heart is burning
I’ll detonate all that hides inside me
Take me far, take me up, bring me back to life.
Make me feel again
I will hesitate once I’ll accelerate twice
I will never look back while I roll the dice now
Take me far, take me up, bring me back to life
Ascend me”

Remember the mention of the Phoenix earlier? Here’s where it actually rises. It fits so well with the first two lines being about fire and burning being paired with the rest of the lyrics in this song. Following that and staying on the subject of rising up, the next two lines actually mention being brought back to life and feeling again. The symbol of the Phoenix rising is all over this entire song, from falling and dying to lighting up and rising up. The second half of the chorus I actually used as the phrase for my Ostara ritual back on that weekend, I wrote them on a whiteboard and placed in on my altar. Hesitate once, but accelerate twice, and don’t look back. That’s been my theme so far this year despite everything happening in the world right now. It says, “Take me far, take me up, bring me back to life,” for the second time, a good indicator that that is probably an important message. The final two words of the chorus, and the last two words of the song, are Ascend Me. The Phoenix rising, to the Ascension of the Phoenix. The perfect climax of the chorus and the entire song.

This is by far my favorite inspirational song to listen to any time and have it never get old. This is the first song on my inspiration and bad days playlists because it helps almost instantly with anything. The marvelous orchestra fits so well with the wondrous lyrics and impressive voice. I know many bands put all their heart into all their songs, but I feel like Dynazty put even more vigor out in this song. A group I highly recommend for their excellent sound and lyrics any day.

Happy listening and take care! -Raven

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