Life is Money

Taking breaks is very necessary. In today’s world, workaholics are everywhere, and taking breaks is set and short. I mostly speak of America since I don’t have the best knowledge of other countries’ economies. I feel like the most common way to live in this country is paycheck to paycheck, working 40+ hours to have just slightly more for emergency savings, or even working two or three jobs to pay the essential bills to live. This country is full of tired hard workers that don’t ever get relief from trying to survive.

When the Coronavirus panic came to this country, most Americans had the same first reactions: How am I going to survive without my paycheck? A large proportion of Americans are labeled as “One paycheck away from homelessness.” Where some people feel relief being told to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus, more people are concerned about losing their homes or starving or losing heat or running water from not working or getting less than average.

It seems sort of odd that 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and are having their lives close to ruined by losing one paycheck. This stimulus check is literally saving some people’s lives in this crisis. Some renters and homeowners are lucky to have their rent or bills paused for the time being, but some still require it. Evictions and utility shutdowns have already occurred.

I’ve seen a common phrase going around the Internet lately: “We can’t go back to normal after all of this, normal wasn’t working.” This phrase is accurate in many places, especially America, I agree that health care should be easier to afford, and changes should be made so that no American is forced to live paycheck to paycheck. This is a very liberal point of view. Still, I think everyone should have the opportunity to rest without worrying about losing money and get proper health care and not go into debt to be treated for an emergency health issue.

I genuinely do hope things are drastically changed soon. This way of living is unhealthy, yet 78% of this country does it. So many people go sick or hungry because of their low paying jobs and high rent and utility payments. We should not go back to normal when this economy opens again, and the economy should not be the primary concern in this world.

Here’s to hoping for a better future after the strict quarantine.
Blessed Be- Raven

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