Something big has been happening in the United States of America for a few weeks now. The murder of George Floyd has caused nationwide protesting and rioting against the mistreatment of black-skinned humans. It has gathered the attention of countries outside of the North American Continent, some even protesting with the USA. This is one of the most significant responses to an act of human injustice in a while.

I stand with Black Lives. I’m not saying I stand with the Black Lives Matter group; I don’t have enough research on the group, and I hear very different things about the group from very different people. I stand with Black Lives and the Black Community. I agree highly; there is such apparent injustice occurring. It is not constant, not every negative instance is racial discrimination, but it happens enough. Enough panic kills of a dark-skinned person, enough absurd prison sentences for such a lousy crime, enough black people being arrested for such stupid charges. Not every black person is good, but not every white person is good either. No race of people has a clean streak of good people. No ethnicity has 100% of well-behaved people. No city has zero persons that have committed a crime. No family goes generations without having that one person that didn’t have the best morals for people around them. However, humanity is humanity. We are flawed, we all have evil intentions, but we can all make the best decision. Every human has the same anatomy, just slight changes in outward appearance and personal character. Why black people are so mistreated, I can’t understand. I am a white person, but I have witnessed racism. I’ve watched customers be racially profiled at my place of work. I’ve seen white workers and security guards pay more attention to the one black person in the area and completely ignore every white person in a good position to do something bad. I’ve heard other white people whisper to me rude comments about the black person 50 feet away, some even laugh. I’ve listened to my grandpa’s black jokes all my life. I’ve had police ask me a straightforward question politely while they ask the black person 500 questions with a hint of irritability in their voice. I’ve seen white people cuss out my black boss and then talk to me so kindly. I’ve read article after article of black people being thrown in prison for the absolute dumbest things while white people barely get a sentence for horrendous things. More than one person was arrested for leaving children unattended for a short time while doing something like going to a job interview. Several black people are in prison for decades for stealing like $10 worth of food, while many white male rapists get perhaps a year of jail time barely.

Once I was working the self-checkout at Walmart during the day, I went over and stood by a black family. The parents were buying alcohol, and I had to approve to the system that the buyer was over 21. I also held my key in my hand because I could see from a distance several of their bottles has the very annoying security caps on them. I was prepared to enter the information, pop the security caps, and walk back to my post. As soon as I went over near the family, the youngest looking child, standing still near his mother, said, “I’m not doing anything.” I just casually said back, “I’m just here to take the caps off these bottles.” The mom finished scanning and backed away from the machine so I could scan my card and approve her age. She went to start paying with cash, and I started removing the caps off the alcohol bottles. As soon as I was done, I immediately returned to my self-check post, and the lady thanked me as I went back. It took me several hours to realise the significance of that little boy. The interaction between the mother and I was a routine process I’ve been through hundreds of times in my short time as a self-check host. I see a customer with alcohol, I go over and be ready to help so they’re not trying to flag me down or waiting for me to make my way over. But did that boy realise that? I walked over near them and the first thing he did was tell me he wasn’t doing anything. Sure, any child could do this, but I have yet to witness a white child standing as still and calm as this little black boy and feel the need to inform me they weren’t doing anything. And how fast he said it too, as if he was prepared to say it. As if he has said it multiple times. As if he’s been trained to say it in such a situation. Did he think I was a white person coming over to monitor his parents’ scanning and payment? Did he think I was coming over to punish him or his family for a wrong action they made? Did he think I was security coming over to cause problems? Did he think I was a racist white lady in a Walmart vest coming to scold his family for their skin colour? Would he have defended himself so quickly if it had been a black self-check host helping the family instead? Would he have defended himself if racism never existed? The day I have a young white child defend themselves with such seriousness in their voice when they are obviously doing nothing is the day I will believe this one event is insignificant, but it has yet to happen. I’ve seen videos of parents teaching their kids how to properly surrender to cops so they are less likely to be shot for “looking intimidating,” how to be polite so police don’t suspect them of being a “typical black thug,” how to respond respectfully when some white person calls them the N-word or other insults in public. It is heartbreaking that black kids have to go through training to protect themselves from white people just in case they are racist. It is appalling that black people need to continually live as if they are going to be racially profiled at any moment. It is pathetic that racism still exists at all; that people are still offended by a person existing slightly different than them. It is depressing that humanity is still so fast to hate someone that looks different for reasons that are more often than not the farthest from the truth. If God made each human different and proudly proclaimed all humans are made in Their image, why are we discriminating at all?

I am a believer that a world without racism would be a much more advanced and flourishing world. A world without White Supremecy is a world of great lively prosperity. Hate for a murderer, hate for a rapist, hate for a terrorist, that kind of hate at least understandable and can be justified. Hate for a person solely because you don’t like their skin colour? Hate for a person because they believe something slightly different than you? Hate for a person because they live their life a little bit differently and are happy in that way? Hate for a person because their “kind” has centuries of negative sterotypes? I firmly believe that kind of hate is what’s really damaging the societies we live in. Yes, a change needs to happen. A change has needed to happen for ages. All Lives Matter, but Black Lives Matter first because Black Lives are what’s in danger the most, Black Lives is the main focus right now. All lives can’t matter until those most at risk are properly protected. Once hate and racism no longer exist and true equality has been brought to all of the world, only then All Lives Matter can be truly proclaimed.

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