With the passing of the 4th of July in the United States of America, it had me thinking a bit about the state of the country. The year of 2020 has been a difficult year for the entire planet. A pandemic and some major wildfires are a few catastrophes of this year. America has been going through some other personal issues. The Black Lives Matter Movement and police brutality to the mistreatment of immigrants. The inability to combat the Corona virus pandemic and allowing it to spread and worsen. I recently saw a Facebook post from a friend about the 4th of July holiday in America. To summarise, they said that we as Americans should be embarrassed to celebrate the 4th of July this year. Black lives being taken, immigrant children in cages, the LGBTQ+ community still under attack. The pandemic is awful because the US cares more about the economy and people believe that being safe is unfair for their lives. Religious extremists, hate groups, and violent entitled people have been around forever, but it seems they are even louder now.

I did hang out with some people for the 4th of July. My coworker invited me to hang out at his house with him and his friends. We ate food and did some swimming. We did shoot off some fireworks, which I regret now after reading more posts about people being sensitive to the noise and wishing it would stop. My PTSD was triggered, but I just put in ear buds and continued to watch my new friends light massive explosives in the street. It’s not that easy for others. I intended not to celebrate the holiday itself, simply hang out and socialise with people, something me as an introvert does not do so often.

America should not be proud of what is happening within this country right now. Only when equality is actually equal and people can be safe and less stressed about trying to survive. The maltreatment of humans based on certain traits is something that has existed since humanity rose to existence. But I think we can all agree it’s getting old, the abuse and neglect for something as pathetic as a skin colour or life preference. Hate only holds us back. Hate, and stress, and making living expensive all holds humanity, as a whole, back. For now, we should continue to social distance and be kind to everyone. It’s the simplest thing we can do in this difficult time.

Blessed Be

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