Winter Solstice

Your special Winter Solstice 2020 horoscope is here | CBC Life

(Image: Camera view shooting up a snowy mountain in a very starry night, topped with trees covered with snow, some so heavy with snow they seem to be leaning. Peeking behind the trees against the night sky is the Zodiac Wheel)

Today is December 21st, the Winter Solstice, and the first day of Yule. I will not be “celebrating” Christmas this year; I will be “Observing” and studying Christmas, Yule, and other winter holidays. In my current state of exploration and questioning, it only feels right to not 100% assosciate myself with any religion.

There are many holidays observed in this particular season around the globe, many being very similar. In my growing desire to leave organised Christianity and follow my own path, I’m not sure how I can celebrate one thing. I will instead take time to just observe holidays and practice my own personal holiday during the time of Yule. The vast majority of my witch community around me celebrates Yule in some way, but not all the same. From the Christian witches, Pagan witches, Atheist witches, Yule is important for all of us, but how it is celebrated is a personal choice.

I will have a candlelit meditation tonight. After that, I’m not sure. This is the first time I’ve actually put some dedication into Yule. I will still attend the Christmas service at my current church because I love this particular Christian church. They are progressive, truly allow EVERY person, and do not force people to conform to such specific ways, but rather allow critical thinking and questions. The only church where I could express my exploration into witchcraft with curiosity and not hate. I couldn’t miss the celebration at a church that makes me feel surrounded by true pure of heart Christians. Even online during a global catastrophe, I still feel welcome and appreciated. How else will the season be spent? That is up to me. This will probably be decided last minute each day since I am that procrastinator.

To whatever is celebrated by you, Reader, or not celebrated but observed, a holiday or a normal day, I wish you a Happy Holidays. I hope for all to be in a good place in this good, and awful, event, and if not, that’s alright. May you experience a simple peace and healing in this season instead.

Blessed Be, All

Happy Holidays 2018-19 - YouTube

(Image: 2D art image. Dark background with snow covering the bottom of the frame. Many trees sit on top of the snow, each glowing a different colour. A lone deer silhouette stands between two glowing trees. Snow flurries and enlarged detailed snowflakes paint the dark night time background. The text across the night reads “We wish you peace and great happiness”)

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