New Year, New Me

In 2019 I began to think about my gender identity. I came out as gender fluid and used 2020 to test my expression. I knew I like hearing he/him and they/them better, but I still allowed she/her and feminine identifiers from the people in my everyday life. Over the summer and fall of 2020, I came to the realisation that I felt better in a semi-masculine semi-neutral identity full time. I finally came out as transgender to my public community on October 11th, Coming Out Day, and to my workplace shortly after the results of the 2020 presidential election were revealed. My family and friends, old and new, now know that I’ve asked to be called by a new name and be acknowledged with male or neutral pronouns and identifiers.

It’s the new year, so it’s time for all the “New Year, New Me” statements. While I usually don’t say this or don’t take it too seriously, this year seems different. I got a new doctor to discuss HRT with and I’m looking into jobs other than retail and customer service. I’m actually planning to make changes in 2021. And after the disaster that was 2020, which isn’t quite over yet, I think a change would be very refreshing.
Cheers to a new and better year, hopefully!
Blessed Be

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