You can call me Alasdair or Raven. I’m a level 22 trans-masculine human. I used to be a college student but a financial crash has forced me to take a few year break, so now I work as an overnight stocker at the 2nd nearest Walmart, the best job I could get as a vampire, or, uh, nocturnal introvert . The moon gives me my energy. Most posts you see here will be up in-between midnight and 4am, central time USA. I currently identify as an Agnostic Witch. Formerly a Christian Witch, I am going through a period of exploration, research, and experimenting.

This is my spiritual and emotional health website. While I still majorly struggle with my own spiritual and mental health I hope that this can help me and others.

What you could expect here: LGBTQ and other minority issues; Exploration of religion and non religious spirituality; Mental health; Lots of love for music and reading deeply into song lyrics; Some fiction works for random fun; Paranormal investigating and studying; and much more!