Achievement Haunter Season 1 Review

This is a post I wrote back on December 30th 2018 after the final episode of what appears to be season 1 of a new Ghost Hunting show. In honor of Season 2 premiering on January 30th of 2020, I decided to revisit this review and repost it before the second season drops soon. One… Continue reading Achievement Haunter Season 1 Review


Queer Monologue

My speech for Mizzou Queer Monologues in April of 2019. I left all of my speech cues in so the speech aspect can sort of be heard. Enjoy! -Raven  ************************************************************************************ (Siri) WEIRD- (Adjective) of strange or extraordinary character; of, relating to, or caused by witchcraft or the supernatural; suggesting something supernatural; uncanny Ya know what’s… Continue reading Queer Monologue