Ghost Adventures Present

In a previous post, "Ghost Adventures: The Old Days", linked at the end of this article, had mentioned how Ghost Adventures changed my life. But there is something different about that show now. In all honesty, the show is nothing like it was when I first discovered it. It's in the middle of its 21st… Continue reading Ghost Adventures Present

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Notes That Silence The Loud Mind; Music Monday

Anxiety rising, panic attack imminent. Spent too much time practicing for an unpredictable future. Everything is due; the work, the bills, the assignments. Calendar is too full, it's there to have the information visible, but still trying to memorize all 30 days. Got a client to meet, a lesson right after. A paper to edit,… Continue reading Notes That Silence The Loud Mind; Music Monday

Music Monday

Music Monday: Kamelot-The Beginning of a Journey

This was the band that started it all. This band started my passion and obsession for metal music. I was just watching different anime AMVs on youtube, enjoying the montages of all the best action scenes of a few shows I was obsessed with at the time. One particular video used the song, Forever, by… Continue reading Music Monday: Kamelot-The Beginning of a Journey

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Living Life By Music

(A warning: This post contains some talk about depression and suicidal thoughts) I was hit by a bit of inspiration and have decided to start a new thing. I'm thinking: Music Monday. I know, how original. Every Monday I do a song lyric analysis or deep music study of whatever song I'm feeling for the… Continue reading Living Life By Music

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Self Employed: Is It The Right Choice

At the beginning of the year 2021, I had a really difficult time with my work situation. So many things were happening at Walmart. It was nearing the anniversary of the shooting that occurred in the store in 2020. There were major changes in the department management that most associates didn't like, prompting many good… Continue reading Self Employed: Is It The Right Choice