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Winter Solstice

(Image: Camera view shooting up a snowy mountain in a very starry night, topped with trees covered with snow, some so heavy with snow they seem to be leaning. Peeking behind the trees against the night sky is the Zodiac Wheel) Today is December 21st, the Winter Solstice, and the first day of Yule. I… Continue reading Winter Solstice

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A Walk With The Dead

Being near the dead is comforting. By this, I mean in being in cemeteries. I investigate the passed as a hobby, with the scientific process and tools. However, sometimes I just like to experience the energy from the dead. It is believed that spirits give off or circulate electromagnetic energy. This is why you will… Continue reading A Walk With The Dead

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Religious/Spiritual Journey

A friend of mine requested to hear my journey of religion and spirituality to become a Christian Witch today. So here is my basic summary of life. I was born into a Catholic life, went to church most Sundays with my grandma and my dad. The norm was to stay the night at grandma's Saturday… Continue reading Religious/Spiritual Journey