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Self Employed: Is It The Right Choice

At the beginning of the year 2021, I had a really difficult time with my work situation. So many things were happening at Walmart. It was nearing the anniversary of the shooting that occurred in the store in 2020. There were major changes in the department management that most associates didn't like, prompting many good… Continue reading Self Employed: Is It The Right Choice

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The Dangers of Conservative Religion

I've briefly mentioned my issues of a particular Chi Alpha Campus Ministry. I've begun to experience some problems with leaving this group. Thankfully I've had luck with breaking away; the texts begging me to come back have subsided. However, I'm experiencing the unseen consequences of this. I have nightmares about a lot of things; fights… Continue reading The Dangers of Conservative Religion

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A Walk With The Dead

Being near the dead is comforting. By this, I mean in being in cemeteries. I investigate the passed as a hobby, with the scientific process and tools. However, sometimes I just like to experience the energy from the dead. It is believed that spirits give off or circulate electromagnetic energy. This is why you will… Continue reading A Walk With The Dead