Ghost Adventures Present

In a previous post, "Ghost Adventures: The Old Days", linked at the end of this article, had mentioned how Ghost Adventures changed my life. But there is something different about that show now. In all honesty, the show is nothing like it was when I first discovered it. It's in the middle of its 21st… Continue reading Ghost Adventures Present

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A Walk With The Dead

Being near the dead is comforting. By this, I mean in being in cemeteries. I investigate the passed as a hobby, with the scientific process and tools. However, sometimes I just like to experience the energy from the dead. It is believed that spirits give off or circulate electromagnetic energy. This is why you will… Continue reading A Walk With The Dead


Achievement Haunter Season 1 Review

This is a post I wrote back on December 30th 2018 after the final episode of what appears to be season 1 of a new Ghost Hunting show. In honor of Season 2 premiering on January 30th of 2020, I decided to revisit this review and repost it before the second season drops soon. One… Continue reading Achievement Haunter Season 1 Review